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Good afternoon from sunny Miami, Florida. I’m Patrick James. I feel like there should be something with more “oomph” about my introduction, but this is who I am.

First off. Thanks for checking out my new blog.

I decided to start this thing because my girlfriend, Lindsay, said I needed to make some friends or start a blog.

Apparently I “go on and on” about cars – and she’s tired of “smiling and nodding”.

I have to admit, before I started setting up this damn thing, I thought writing a blog would be easier than going out and finding people I liked and who liked me back.

If you build it, they will come, amirite?


Mustang Sally

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Who is Patrick James?

The Beginning - About Patrick James Here’s what you should know about me. The highlights. Sorry if this is rough around the edges. ABOUT ME I’m just about to turn 29 in April. I’m a redblooded American – but I have some moderate beliefs that keep Lindsay and me on...

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