The Beginning – About Patrick James

Here’s what you should know about me. The highlights. Sorry if this is rough around the edges.


I’m just about to turn 29 in April.

I’m a redblooded American – but I have some moderate beliefs that keep Lindsay and me on good terms.

My world revolves around cars. Working on them. Dreaming about them. And apparently talking nonstop about them.

One day, I’d like to win the lotto so I could collect cars like Jay Leno does.



I have an office job where I spend a lot of time babysitting (cough) I mean supervising a team of Gen Z-ers. They’re an interesting group which makes the job more tolerable.

You’ll find me on any day with a Miller Lite in hand and my strong-willed, smart and sexy girlfriend Lindsay by my side.

We have a pet lizard we named “Darth” – he’s a “Red Eye Crocodile Skink” and is a nightowl, like Lindsay.



I drive a 2015 Silver Ford Mustang. And while I love “Mustang Sally” Lindsay doesn’t especially. She needs to replace her Miata and her commute to work takes almost an hour each way, so we’ve been talking a lot about electric vehicle options.

She’s been doing lots of furniture “salvage” so she’d like a truck, which means I’m doing extra research because cha ching! We need to make sure she’s not going to end up with a very expensive lemon.




On this blog, I’ll be sharing some research, thoughts, and opinions about cars I’ve owned, want to own, and would never want to own.

I’ll also share some of the adventures my little happy family go on. That means writing about the cars, the people, the research, and the scaly.


Gear up and join me on this ride.

Patrick James

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