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Hey there, gearheads and car fans! As we ramp up another exciting year in the world of cars, let’s take a closer look at some of the influencers who are shaping the conversation and driving the automotive culture forward. From electric vehicle aficionados to classic car restorers, these influencers offer unique perspectives, insights, and a whole lot of car-loving content to keep you entertained and informed, whatever platforms you prefer. Without further ado, let’s get started!



Doug DeMuro (@DougDeMuro) focuses on thorough car reviews, highlighting quirks and features of new and used vehicles. Doug’s detailed content is perfect for those who love an in-depth look at cars.

ChrisFix (@ChrisFix) specializes in DIY car repair, maintenance tips, and how-to guides. Chris’s videos are highly educational, making complex car repairs accessible to everyone.



Supercar Blondie/Alex Hirschi (@thelabelsb) is known for her unique content featuring luxury and supercars. Alex gives her followers a closer look at some of the most exclusive vehicles in the world.

Larry Chen (@larry_chen_foto), a renowned automotive photographer, shares his captivating shots of cars, racing events, and behind-the-scenes looks at automotive culture.



Alex Hirschi (SupercarBlondie) brings her engaging content to TikTok, offering quick, entertaining looks at exotic and unusual cars.

Oficial Retro Cars (@retro_american_cars) highlights the best American carmakers have to offer, with a mix of beauty shots and classic advertising.



Matt Farah (@TheSmokingTire) offers insightful commentary on the automotive industry, shares personal driving experiences, and engages with fans about all things cars.

Ralph Gilles @RalphGilles): As a prominent figure in the automotive industry (FCA’s Head of Design), Ralph shares insights into car design, industry trends, and sneak peeks of upcoming models.



Jalopnik is a popular automotive website that covers news, reviews, and opinion pieces on cars, the automotive industry, and racing.

Autoblog provides up-to-date automotive news, reviews, and comparisons, as well as comprehensive coverage of auto shows and the latest trends in vehicle technology.


These influencers are just a snapshot of the diverse and vibrant automotive community online. Whether you’re a die-hard enthusiast or just starting your journey into car culture, following these accounts will keep you connected, informed, and entertained.


Sound out in the comments! Do you have a favorite account to follow? Do you have a car blog to share? Let us know! And as always, keep cruising along friends!


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